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Photos by: P. Cauberghs, Sabine, cru7do, Punchyy (Creative Commons)
Pukkelpop Hasselt, Belgium - 16 August 2017


Getting There

Getting There

nearest bus station:
De Lijn: FREE Pukkelpop Bus/Tram to NMBS Hasselt Station

shuttle bus:
De Lijn: FREE Pukkelpop Shuttles to towns/cities in BE

special festival bus:
Pukkelpop Festival Bus - Big Green Coach from UK cities

nearest airport:
Charleroi Brussels (CRL) / Brussels Zaventem (BRU)

nearest train station:
SNCB FREE Pukkelpop Trains to Kiewit Station



Camping included, VIP options
change currency
Prices in the table are quoted in EUR
Full pass200Full Pukkelpop combi ticket + 4-day camping.
1-day pass100Single day Pukkelpop ticket + 2-day camping.
Pukkelpop Tickets

Buy Pukkelpop tickets 2 ways:

  • Full Pukkelpop combi ticket that includes a 4-day camping pass.
  • Single day Pukkelpop ticket that includes a 2-day camping pass.
  • Youths & children may attend with adults - everyone pays full price.
DIY Camping (with regular tickets) includes:
  • WCs with tp, washbasins & hot showers
  • Hot water for coffee, tea, noodles, etc.
  • WiFi zones
  • Food islands to heat food
  • Lockers + phone charging
  • Pukkelpop newspaper
  • Bike parking
  • Refuse bags
  • Camping shops
  • Bar - 24 Hr.
  • Food trucks
  • Yoga
  • First Aid
Pukkelpop Camping Upgrades
  • Camping Chill (with a combi ticket) can be upgraded to include tent + gear rental or a camp bed in a funky group tent.
  • Camping Relax is the ultimate luxury upgrade combi or day ticket-holders. Options include private showers/toilets, free lockers, lounge area + the choice of a Festipi, Festihut or Yurt, or book a stay at the pre-erected Dreamotel or Lodge Indi.



Pukkelpop icon

Hasselt, Belgium

Kempische Steenweg
50.961070, 5.355553
type of festival
electronic, ambient & downtempo, pop, rock, metal, folk, world, indie & underground, edm / drum & bass / dubstep, avant-garde & experimental, hip-hop & rap, rock & roll, acoustic & instrumental, fusion
other events
dance: dancing; art: creative, visual arts & installations, multimedia; theatre: street performance, experimental, fringe; culture: world-class multigenre, arts & crafts
start Wed, 16 August 2017
end Sat, 19 August 2017

Pukkelpop: Alt-Rock-Punk-Pop + Fringe

Pukkelpop: one of Europe’s largest & most popular alt-underground-progressive music gatherings; founded in 1985 by the Young Humanists of Leopoldsburg as a bleep of an event that turned into a ginormous multi-genre 4-day bash for 200,000+ fans, uniting fringe theatre with an eclectic line-up of 200+ global artists from hard-core Iron Maiden punk-pop-rock-metal and Major Lazer electro-dancehall fusion to Björk-style singer-songwriter performances on 10 open-air stages. PKP has yoga, gourmet eats, Petit Bazar with early Christmas shopping & crazy acts in a cosy corner of a meadow, Salon Fou with fringe extravaganzas, a mega Boiler Party night + free camping in the sprawling woodland at Kempische Steenweg between Kiewit and Hasselt in Belgium.


Pukkelpop: Alt-Rock-Punk-Pop + Fringe

PKP Belgium still holds, at its core, the values which it started with when it was founded in 1985 by Humanistic Youth of Leopoldsburg, to provide something for everyone and look towards the future of the youth: Baraque Futur brings together keynote speakers and audience participation to talk about climate change, technology, food, space travel, ecology, green energy and everything in between; Cookpit demonstrates youth cooking with culinary students in a sit down setting, but also provides 25 food trucks in Food Wood with a bit of everything for those on the go.

Metallica to Daft Punk

The worlds biggest acts turnout to this progressive and contemporary gathering, seeing the likes of big name alt-rock and metal bands like Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Metallica, Sonic Youth, Ramones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The xx, Iron Maiden, The Prodigy and Daft Punk.

Camp Chill + Hot Showers

This is not glamping, but a relaxed experience within itself, with three different sites that offer ’Katerfit’ dancers with exercises set to an 80s & 90s beat, ‘melodic mantra’ with yoga, sports like badminton, volleyball, football and bumper ball, campsite food trucks, recycled camping shops, Pukklepop FM, a bar and perhaps most notably: FREE hot showers!

Boiler Party

The pre-party-party kicks off with the loudest DJs and top Belgian bands on the Wednesday in the Boiler Room – fans should expect to get involved in a massive gathering and a lot of strobe lights.

Pukklepop is an alt-underground-progressive-eco-camp with humanistic love!

contributor: Ashley Lampard
published: 26 July 2016
updated: 25 August 2016
Age: Family, an event with no age restrictions, but things can get rather wild!
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General: award-winning, biggest in the world, popular, best in the world
Ambiance: outdoor, rural
Features: djs & sound systems, self-expression, debauchery, partying, self-discovery, live music & shows


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Beds & Eats


Pukkelpop Standard Camping includes:
  • WCs & hot showers
  • Hot water
  • WiFi zones
  • Food islands
  • Lockers
  • Phone charging
  • Bike parking
  • Camping shops
  • Bar - 24 Hr.
  • Food trucks
  • First Aid
Pukkelpop Camping Upgrades
  • Camping Relax = private showers/toilets, lounge area + the choice of a Festipi, Festihut, Yurt, or Dreamotel / Lodge Indi.


Eats & Drinks: Bars, Restaurants, Food Stalls, Food BYO, Water
Fresh & Clean: Toilets, Shower
Cash & Shops: Cash, Shops
Zone In & Out: Wi-Fi Zone, VIP Zone, Chill Zone
Accessibility: yes
Pukkelpop Amenities

The Pukkelpop festival grounds have every amenity.

  • 480 toilets + washbasins + free tp
  • Food islands for DIY cooking
  • Gourmet eats & drink stalls
  • Food trucks & shops
  • Lockers & lost & found
  • Wifi zone
  • First aid
  • Bring your own food to cook or heat at Food Islands.
  • Do not bring your own alcohol.




start Wed, 16 August 2017
end Sat, 19 August 2017
Pukkelpop Dates
  • PKP is held annually in August.
  • It usually spans 4 days.
  • It’s possible to attend 1 day or all 4.
  • Pukkelpop festival has been going strong since 1985.

Season & Weather

Season: Summer
Temperature: 13 to 22 °C

Hasselt weather in August ranges from cool to warm to quite hot, and although it is often sunny with clear skies, the region is also prone to rain and even storms. Since Pukkelpop is an outdoor festival with camping, prepare for both hot/dry and cold/wet extremes by packing layerable clothes, light water-resistant jackets, comfy footwear, waterproof camping gear, and warm sleeping bags or blankets. Avoid the hassle of packing by renting a tent & gear on-site or booking a camp bed in one of the PKP group tents.





Pukkelpop The Factory CVBA - VSO: Diestersteenweg 152, Leopoldsburg, Belgium.

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