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Primavera Sound Barcelona, Spain - 31 May 2017


Getting There

Getting There

nearest bus station:
Tram T4: Trambesós Fòrum Station

shuttle bus:
Shuttle Bus: Plaça Catalunya to Parc del Fòrum

special festival bus:
Day Buses: H16, H14 / Nocturnal Buses: N6, N7

nearest airport:
Barcelona-El Prat (BCN) / Girona (GRO) / Reus (REU)

nearest train station:
Metro Line 4: Maresme-Fòrum Station (Rambla Prim)

Port de Barcelona / Port Vell / Port Olímpic



VIP options
change currency
Prices in the table are quoted in EUR
Full pass300Primavera Sound full festival VIP ticket.
Full pass250PrimaveraPRO full festival ticket.
Full pass200Primavera Sound full festival ticket. (Earlybird tickets start around 150€)
Primavera Sound Tickets
Primavera Sound Standard Tickets
  • Primavera Sound full festival tickets cost about 200€.
  • Discounts are available for earlybirds.
  • Youths 15+ pay full price and must be with an adult.
  • 16+ are considered adults and do not need to be accompanied.
Primavera Sound VIP Tickets
  • Primavera Sound full festival VIP tickets cost about 300€
PrimaveraPRO for Indie Professionals
  • PrimaveraPRO full festival tickets cost about 250€
PrimaveraPRO Tickets Include
  • DayPro: conferences, workshops & receptions.
  • NightPro: lounge bars & pools + pro work areas.
  • Primavera Sound + PrimaveraPro concerts.


Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound icon

Barcelona, Spain

Parc del Fòrum
41.406608, 2.223236
type of festival
electronic, pop, rock, indie & underground, edm / drum & bass / dubstep, techno / house / garage, avant-garde & experimental, hip-hop & rap, rock & roll, acoustic & instrumental, fusion
other events
dance: dancing, edm; art: visual arts & installations, multimedia; culture: world-class multigenre
start Wed, 31 May 2017
end Sun, 04 June 2017

Primavera Sound: Urban Trends + IndiePro

Primavera Sound is a chic 5-day ultra-urban sonic platform of multi-genre cutting-edge global alt-pop-rock-hip-hop-electro-techno & underground dance music trends by emerging artist + iconic stars like The Cure, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Phoenix, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Primal Scream, PJ Harvey, Caribou, Franz Ferdinand, Pixies and Kendrick Lamar, with 100+ hours of non-stop party vibes for nearly a half million fans & pros – one of Europe’s largest music mega-fests. Running parallel is PrimaveraPro, a global symposium-networking & music exchange forum where novice sonic & multimedia innovators meet indie experts at DayPro conferences & NightPro VIP soirées + a Pro stage show for talent discovery at Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona Spain.


Primavera Sound: Urban Trends + IndiePro

Primavera Sound is chic & urban; a mega-multidimensional super-party + indie pro conference – a meeting point for an eclectic group of world-class stars, almost half a million party-loving fans plus a global who’s-who list of producers, agents, record labels, event organizers and the press; a sonic & multimedia hotspot where alt-pop-rock and underground electronic dance music trends & multimedia are showcased live on up to 20 mammoth stages.

Primavera Sound 2001 to PrimaveraPro 2010

Primavera Sound Festival has evolved since 2001 (with 19 bands on 2 stages and under 8,000 fans) to become one of the world’s leading music platforms (with almost 300 annual performances on 18-20 stages for an audience of almost 200,000) where tendencies are discovered at the Pro stage & VIP lounges, careers shaped or launched by global music promoters who’ve attended since the debut of PrimaveraPro in 2010, and where history has been made with 2,000+ concerts by iconic greats such as Arcade Fire, Primal Scream, Iggy Pop, Motörhead, The Flaming Lips, Wilco, Smashing Pumpkins, Portishead, Neil Young, My Bloody Valentine, Yo la Tengo, Phoenix, Sonic Youth, the Pixies, Pulp, Caribou, Echo & The Bunnymen, Animal Collective, Franz Ferdinand, Robert Smith with The Cure (performing a momentous 3-hour concert), Nine Inch Nails, and Queens Of The Stone Age. Award-winning Primavera Sound & PrimaveraPro is a reference point for innovation, promotion, presentation & celebration of global sound at the state-of-the-art Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona.

Primavera Sound is urban rock-pop-electro music trends + Pro conference in BCN!

contributor: Festinga
published: 26 July 2016
updated: 04 August 2016
Age: 16+, an adult oriented event, but minors may attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian
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General: award-winning, biggest in the world, popular, best in the world
Ambiance: outdoor, indoor, urban, beach
Features: djs & sound systems, self-expression, debauchery, partying, self-discovery, live music & shows, talks & debates, ideas & technology, water sports, conference, workshops & labs, screenings

Primavera Sound Details

The Primavera Sound Festival is comprised of two distinct events:

  • Primavera Sound for fans


  • PrimaveraPRO is an international meeting ground & networking environment for professionals in the music industry, talent agents, concert promoters, festival organizers, record companies, music distributors, press agencies and a variety of experts in the world of culture & entertainment.
  • Conferences, spread over 5 days, showcase trends and offer a place to debate and share information with world-class music industry experts from across Europe, North America & Latin-American in a cultural exchange that includes 2,700+ pros at 100+ talks, meetings, labs, workshops & conferences.

PrimaveraPRO - DAYPRO

  • PrimaveraPRO offers a series of DAYPRO conferences, talks & workshops at CCCB and MACBA Barcelona + PrimaveraPro stage shows.


  • PrimaveraPRO also delivers the NIGHTPRO sound programme in Parc del Fòrum with an exclusive pro stage area where accredited professionals can partake of special performances, chill in a VIP ambiance, and meet other pros at the VIP restaurant, bar/lounge and enjoy the pro swimming pool.


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Beds & Eats


Primavera Sound Accommodation
  • Primavera Sound is not a camping festival.
  • There are no camping facilities on-site.
Barcelona Camping
Barcelona Hostels


Eats & Drinks: Bars, Restaurants, Food Stalls, Water
Fresh & Clean: Toilets
Cash & Shops: Shops
Zone In & Out: Wi-Fi Zone, VIP Zone, Chill Zone
Accessibility: yes
Primavera Sound Festival Amenities

It’s Barcelona. There’s everything!

  • Parc del Fòrum is a gigantic world-class conference centre & festival grounds with every necessary amenity on-site.



start Wed, 31 May 2017
end Sun, 04 June 2017
Primavera Sound Dates
  • Primavera Sound festival is held in late May / early June.
  • It’s been going strong since 2001.



Season & Weather

Season: Summer
Temperature: 18 to 25 °C

Barcelona weather is pleasantly warm in May & June. The city benefits from the Mediterranean climate with long sunny days, highs that seldom go above 30°C and agreeably fresh evenings. Prepare for sun-drenched days and cool nights with sea breezes. There can be a shower, but it usually doesn’t rain much in June, so the open-air concerts at Parc del Fòrum are delightful! Think Slinky & Sexy: sandals, skimpy shorts, sun-dresses, bikinis, hats & sunglasses for daytime, and sexy clubbing attire for Primavera Sound by night.



Tel: +34 933010090


Primavera Sound, S.L.: Calle Àlaba, 140, Barcelona, Spain.

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