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Leeds Festival Wetherby, UK - 25 August 2017


Getting There

Getting There

nearest bus station:
Leeds City Bus Station on York Street

shuttle bus:
Leeds Festival Shuttle from Leeds Railway Station.

special festival bus:
National Express Coach

nearest airport:
Leeds Bradford (LBA)

nearest train station:
Leeds City Railway Station on Quebec Street

Leeds Festival Travel


  • National Express is a Leeds Festival official partner for transportation within the UK.
  • Coaches depart from more a dozen UK cities.


  • Hook up with other festivalites via Leeds Festival BlaBlaCar ridesharing.



Camping included, VIP options, Payment plan
change currency
Prices in the table are quoted in GBP
3-day pass213Full Weekend Ticket. Includes 3-day on-site camping. Youths 13+ pay full price.
1-day pass67Leeds Festival Day Tickets (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). No Camping.
Adult35Seat of Luxury. Leeds Festival VIP Toilets.
Child0Children 0-12 enter free with adult.
Leeds Festival Tickets
  • Leeds tickets include camping.
  • Caravan permits cost extra.
  • Early entry costs extra.
  • Youths 13+ pay full price.
Full Weekend
Early Entry
  • Yes you can extend the party to a five-day event!
  • Early entry tickets allow access to campsites on Wednesday.
Day Passes
  • Day Tickets can be purchased for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Camping is not available for day ticket holders.
Youths & Children
  • Children* 0-12 enter free but must but must be with an adult.
  • Youths 13+ must pay full price and be with an adult.
  • Youths 16+ pay full price and may enter alone.

*Festival organizers do not encourage children (under 13) to attend.

Leeds Festival Tickets are in £s.

Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival icon

Wetherby, UK

Bramham Park
type of festival
electronic, ambient & downtempo, pop, rock, metal, world, indie & underground, edm / drum & bass / dubstep, techno / house / garage, avant-garde & experimental, trance & psychedelic, hip-hop & rap, reggae & dub, r&b / soul / funk, rock & roll, acoustic & instrumental
other events
art: visual arts & installations
start Fri, 25 August 2017
end Sun, 27 August 2017

Leeds Festival: Reading’s Baby Sis

Leeds Festival can’t be separated from its sister: Reading Festival (since 1971), which runs simultaneously during the August Bank Holiday. Despite Reading being in Berkshire County (about 70 km from London) and over 300 km from Leeds in West Yorkshire, both feature the same sizzling headline acts, albeit on alternate days. Reading-Leeds line-ups have included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Green Day, Franz Ferdinand, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses, Arcade Fire, The Cure, Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro & Blink-182. Today, the 3-day award-winning festival attracts 80,000 fans to the Wetherby Bramham Park near Leeds England.


Leeds Festival: Reading’s Baby Sis

Leeds Festival, originally dedicated to rock, indie, metal and alternative music (today encompassing a broader range of genres), is the newer leg of Reading Festival. Leeds was inaugurated in 1999 to accommodate Reading overflow, but has grown to almost match its big sister’s size and popularity. Leeds fame isn’t surprising since both feature the same headliners, ranging from the Beastie Boys, Eminem and Dizzee Riscal in the early 2000s, to recent lineups with Queens of the Stone Age, Blink-182, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons.

Moshing & Bottling

Over the years, acts (that also inspired humorous moshpit action) have included Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Biffy Clyro, The Cure, Kasabian, Muse, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, The Killers, Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand, Pearl Jam, Pixies, Linkin Park, The Prodigy and the first 1999 headliners: The Charlatans, Blur, The Offspring, The Chemical Brothers and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Less fortunate headliners have inspired infamous “bottling” attacks at Reading & Leeds, notably directed at Steel Pulse, Meat Loaf, The Rasmus and 50 Cent, who have been pelted with bottles, mud and turf!

Where Memories are Made

Leeds is a wild party with a history of world-class line-ups. A musical banquet with on-site camping for up to 5 days of full-on partying. It’s a place where music lovers congregate and memories are made... just 20 km from Leeds city, at Wetherby’s Bramham Park in West Yorkshire England.

Leeds is Reading’s baby sister come of age with 80,000 fans of its own!

contributor: Festinga
published: 19 August 2015
updated: 11 October 2016
Age: Family, an adult oriented event, but minors may attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian
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General: award-winning, biggest in the world, popular, best in the world
Ambiance: outdoor, rural
Features: djs & sound systems, self-expression, debauchery, partying, self-discovery, live music & shows

Leeds is About the MUSIC

Stages & tents with amazing line-ups feature dozens of musical genres from EDM to Metal. Top acts enrapture fans and stars-to-be are discovered. Aside from the Main Stage, there are also several BBC Radio 1 stages, the Festiva Republic Stage, a stage dedicated to alternative music, and smaller stages and tents devoted to everything from film to experimental sounds. 

For historic highlights of Leeds Festival, see Reading Festival details.


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Beds & Eats


Leeds Festival Campsites
  • Brown Campsite
  • Green Campsite
  • Purple Campsite
  • Orange Campsite
  • Red Campsite
  • Blue Valley Campsite
  • Yellow Bubble Campsite
Pink Moon Camping

Pink Moon Camping is a sophisticated Oasis with security, well-maintained toilets & showers, and the area where deluxe boutique-style podpads & 2-6 person pre-erected tents are available.

Campervan Area

Leeds Festival offers 2 on-site caravan areas. The first is the public zone for standard weekend ticket holders (although there is an extra cost per caravan), and the second is a disabled campervan area that’s also close to the disabled campsite. Buy permits with Leads Festival Tickets.


Take the hassle out of camping with what’s come to be called ‘glamping’ or Luxury boutique camping by renting a funky podpad that will be all set up and waiting for you in the podpad village at the Pink Moon campsite.

Podpads & ‘luxpads’ are completely pre-erected plywood structures with a floor & beds with air mattresses. Each unit includes solar powered LED lighting and are available for 2 adults, or the ‘beaupad’ for 4 adults, or the ‘bellepad’ for up to 6. There are also other boutique camping options that include a ‘bunkpad’ and a quirky ‘octopad’ for 4-6 adults. Book a Podpad online after you’ve bought your Leads Festival Tickets.



Eats & Drinks: Bars, Restaurants, Food Stalls, Water
Fresh & Clean: Toilets, Shower
Cash & Shops: Cash, Shops
Zone In & Out: Wi-Fi Zone, VIP Zone, Chill Zone
Accessibility: yes
Leeds has Everything

Leeds Festival has everything you’ll need on-site including a... 

...Seat of Luxury

Anyone, no matter where their campsite is situated, can book a Luxury Loo with "with hot running water, vanity mirrors, perfumes & potions". Just add a Seat of Luxury to your Leeds Ticket purchase.

  • Book a Lockerhouse lock-up.
  • Lockers come with mobile phone charging facilities!
Village Shop
  • The on-site Village Shop is open round the clock!
  • It has toiletries, food, snacks, cigarettes and alcohol.
Welfare Tent

Leeds Music Festival has a 24h Welfare Tent with:

  • medical services
  • small pharmacy
  • place to go in case of emergency.



start Fri, 25 August 2017
end Sun, 27 August 2017
Reading & Leeds Festival Overlap

Reading and Leeds Festival dates run simultaneously during 3 days over the Bank Holiday weekend, and the headline acts are the same just that they’re presented on different days.

Leeds Camping Dates

Extra camping days! Festival-goers with early entry permits will be able to access the campsites on Wednesday afternoon prior to the official festival start date. And, you can camp Sunday night, just as long as you’re all packed and out of the campgrounds on Monday by midday.

Season & Weather

Season: Summer
Temperature: 12 to 21 °C

Summer weather in Wetherby/Leeds is changeable. Daytime highs have been known to sneak up to near 30°C, but for the most part, the temperature tends toward cloudy & humid. Night-time lows can drop below 10°C. Prepare for daytime warmth, cool evenings, possible rain, dampness, and chilly nights.



Tel: + 44 20 7009 3001


  • Festival Republic: 35 Bow St., Covent Garden, London.
  • Festival Republic Office: Regent Arcade House, 19-25 Argyll St., London.
leeds festival handler