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Festivals in UK

Mime London

London, UK
09 January 2017
  1. Mime London festival
  2. Mime London festival
  3. Mime London festival
MIME London: 25 days of silent movement, circus-theatrics, illusions, puppetry & artistry; global mime troupes; world premieres; master air manipulators at the Barbican Centre & theatres in London UK.

Bath Literature Festival

Bath, UK
26 February 2017
  1. Bath Literature Festival festival
  2. Bath Literature Festival festival
  3. Bath Literature Festival festival
Bath Literature Festival: 10-day 100 events, Nobel & Booker Prize-winning authors, broadcasters, best British comedians, crafts, street acts + natural spa at a Roman heritage site in Bath Somerset UK.

Beltane Fire Festival

Edinburgh, UK
30 April 2017
  1. Beltane Fire Festival festival
  2. Beltane Fire Festival festival
  3. Beltane Fire Festival festival
Beltane Fire Festival: 1-night Gaelic fire ritual with a monumental bonfire, costumes, drummers, stilt-walkers, fire-spinners, dancers + 300 volunteers, telling an ancient story in Edinburgh Scotland.

Hay Festival Wales

Hay on Wye, UK
25 May 2017
  1. Hay Festival Wales festival
  2. Hay Festival Wales festival
  3. Hay Festival Wales festival
Hay Festival Wales: 10-day meeting of minds with writers, poets, politicians, filmmakers, comedians, scientists: talks, workshops & fun + Hay Town, Hay Fever & HAYYA in Brecon Beacons, Hay-on-Wye UK.

Cheese Rolling Festival

Brockworth, UK
29 May 2017
  1. Cheese Rolling Festival festival
  2. Cheese Rolling Festival festival
  3. Cheese Rolling Festival festival
Cheese Rolling Festival is a day of eccentric madness with cheese-wheel races, shin-kicking, wrestling, tug-of-war, grinning for cake & apple-bobbing on Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth Gloucestershire UK.

Taste of London

London, UK
14 June 2017
  1. Taste of London festival
  2. Taste of London festival
  3. Taste of London festival
Taste of London: a 3-day feast for 55,000 foodies to sip spirits & sup sumptuous samples from 200 stalls & 40 restaurants (Michelin-starred) + shop at gourmet boutiques set-up in Regent’s Park London.


Pilton, UK
21 June 2017
  1. Glastonbury festival
  2. Glastonbury festival
  3. Glastonbury festival
Glastonbury Festival is four days of open-air mayhem for revellers to imbibe an eclectic array of music, from rock to soul, performed by top artists at Worthy Farm near Pilton, Somerset, England.

British Summer Time

London, UK
01 July 2017
  1. British Summer Time festival
  2. British Summer Time festival
  3. British Summer Time festival
British Summer Time is a 10-day pop-rock AEG production with smash headliners like The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, McBusted, Crazy Horse and Backstreet Boys on the Great Oak Stage in London’s Hyde Park.

2000 Trees

Withington, UK
06 July 2017
  1. 2000 Trees festival
  2. 2000 Trees festival
  3. 2000 Trees festival
2000 Trees Festival is a 3-day independent, award-winning, underground rock-indie experience for 5,000 guests of the music-loving team at Upcote Farm in Withington near Cheltenham Gloucestershire UK.


Winchester, UK
06 July 2017
  1. Blissfields festival
  2. Blissfields festival
  3. Blissfields festival
Blissfields is an intimate, award-winning, 2-day boutique fest for 4,000 fans to partake of music, film, art, debates, and board the blisscotheque bus at Vicarage Farm near Winchester in Hampshire UK.


Tring, UK
07 July 2017
  1. Chilfest festival
  2. Chilfest festival
  3. Chilfest festival
Chilfest is 2 days of 80s music, from Boney M eurodisco to Boom Town Rats rock, plus contemporary pop by headliners like Amelia Lily and the 5th Story boys at Pendley Meadow in Hertfordshire England.

T in the Park

Strathallan, UK
08 July 2017
  1. T in the Park festival
  2. T in the Park festival
  3. T in the Park festival
T In The Park is 3 days of debauchery where Tennent’s Lager, not tea, flows fluidly for 250,000+ alt-punk-electro-hard rock music + mayhem-loving partiers at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire Scotland.

FARR Festival

Newnham, UK
13 July 2017
  1. FARR Festival festival
  2. FARR Festival festival
  3. FARR Festival festival
FARR Festival is a 4-day intimate boutique event where guests may lose themselves in a woodland while partying with drum & bass-techno-deep-house DJs at Bygrave Woods nr. Newnham in Hertfordshire UK.


Gisburn, UK
14 July 2017
  1. Beat-Herder festival
  2. Beat-Herder festival
  3. Beat-Herder festival
Beat-Herder is a 3-day independent quirky musical carnival; a non-conformist sensory feast with arts, eats, bars & beats from folk to psychedelic at Dockber Farm in Ribble Valley Lancashire England.


London, UK
14 July 2017
  1. Lovebox festival
  2. Lovebox festival
  3. Lovebox festival
LOVEBOX: 2 days of intense Groove Armada-style EDM beats + grime hip-hop pop-rock & world rhythms pulsing from 9 stages + cabaret & fringe acts for 50,000 dance-party fans at Victoria Park in London.

Citadel Festival

London, UK
16 July 2017
  1. Citadel Festival festival
  2. Citadel Festival festival
  3. Citadel Festival festival
Citadel Festival: 1-day serene-music culture-infused feet-up-fest + comedy, craft workshops, gourmet feasts, rum-relays, sack-races, disco-dodgeball & Sunday Papers Live at Victoria Park in London UK.

Deer Shed Festival

Thirsk, UK
21 July 2017
  1. Deer Shed Festival festival
  2. Deer Shed Festival festival
  3. Deer Shed Festival festival
Deer Shed Festival is 3 days of folk-pop-rock for grownups + kid-friendly gadgets, gizmos, arts, comedy and sports in a science-loving ambiance at Baldersby Park in Topcliffe North Yorkshire England.

Cambridge Folk Festival

Cambridge, UK
27 July 2017
  1. Cambridge Folk Festival festival
  2. Cambridge Folk Festival festival
  3. Cambridge Folk Festival festival
Cambridge Folk Festival is one of the best in the world; 4 intimate days with 10,000 fans of folksy-chic acoustic world beats + arts, eats and camping at Cherry Hinton Hall Park in Cambridge England.

Camp Bestival

East Lulworth, UK
27 July 2017
  1. Camp Bestival festival
  2. Camp Bestival festival
  3. Camp Bestival festival
Camp Bestival is an award-winning, action-packed, 4-day family summer camp holiday with DJs, live music (curated by Rob da Bank), theatre, comedy, eats and sports at Lulworth Castle in Dorset England.

Kendal Calling

Hackthorpe, UK
27 July 2017
  1. Kendal Calling festival
  2. Kendal Calling festival
  3. Kendal Calling festival
Kendal Calling: 3-day intimate, award-winning, family-boutique camping fest + dinner acoustic, riot jazz, thumping brass & ale for 12,000 fans at Lowther Deer Park in the Lake District, Hackthorpe UK.


Malmesbury, UK
27 July 2017
  1. WOMAD UK festival
  2. WOMAD UK festival
  3. WOMAD UK festival
WOMAD UK: 4-day global culture feast with world rhythms, global flavours, aromas, markets, exotic dance lessons, literature, art, stories, talks & debates at Charlton Park in Malmesbury, Wiltshire UK.

Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh, UK
04 August 2017
  1. Edinburgh Fringe festival
  2. Edinburgh Fringe festival
  3. Edinburgh Fringe festival
Edinburgh Fringe is the world’s largest open access arts festival; 25 days of dramatic indulgence in theatre, comedy, circus, cabaret, dance, music & street performances throughout Edinburgh Scotland.

Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh, UK
04 August 2017
  1. Edinburgh Festival festival
  2. Edinburgh Festival festival
  3. Edinburgh Festival festival
Edinburgh International Festival is 3 weeks of classical music, dance, opera, theatre, talks and workshops, with performances at historic theatres and concert halls like The Hub in Edinburgh Scotland.

Great British Beer Festival

London, UK
08 August 2017
  1. Great British Beer Festival festival
  2. Great British Beer Festival festival
  3. Great British Beer Festival festival
Great British Beer Festival: 5 days, 900 real ales, ciders, perries, global imports, limited edition brews, one-off specials, award-winning faves + American casks for 50,000 punters at Olympia London.

Leeds Festival

Wetherby, UK
25 August 2017
  1. Leeds Festival festival
  2. Leeds Festival festival
  3. Leeds Festival festival
Leeds Festival is a 3-day music celebration for 80,000 fans; one of the UK’s most popular summer events (sister to Reading Festival) held at Wetherby’s Bramham Park nr. Leeds, West Yorkshire England.

Reading Festival

Reading, UK
25 August 2017
  1. Reading Festival festival
  2. Reading Festival festival
  3. Reading Festival festival
Reading Festival is a 3-day, award-winning, rock-history-making event for 90,000 music-loving revellers at Little Johns Farm (an hour from London) on the Thames in Reading, West Berkshire England.


Isle of Wight, UK
07 September 2017
  1. Bestival festival
  2. Bestival festival
  3. Bestival festival
Bestival: 4-day award-winning electro-dance-rave, fancy-dress-boutique-fest + magic meadow, stardust field, ambient forest & temple island for 50,000 Josie & Rob da Bank fans on the Isle of Wight UK.
Machynlleth Comedy Festival
theatre festival
UK, 29 Apr 2016
Aldeburgh Music Festival
music festival
UK, 10 Jun 2016
music festival
UK, 10 Jun 2016
Live In Barnsley
music festival
UK, 18 Jun 2016
Childrens Book Festival
book festival
UK, 24 Jun 2016
Masters Historic Racing
sports festival
UK, 02 Jul 2016
Henley Festival
culture festival
UK, 06 Jul 2016
Larmer Tree Festival
music festival
UK, 13 Jul 2016
Mini Festival
sports festival
UK, 16 Jul 2016
culture festival
UK, 22 Jul 2016
music festival
UK, 29 Jul 2016
music festival
UK, 11 Aug 2016
Green Man Festival
culture festival
UK, 18 Aug 2016
Cowal Highland Gathering
culture festival
UK, 25 Aug 2016
Notting Hill Carnival
culture festival
UK, 28 Aug 2016
Northern Vegan Festival
food festival
UK, 15 Oct 2016
Edinburgh’s Hogmanay
culture festival
UK, 30 Dec 2016
Beer & Cider Festival
food festival
UK, 19 Jan 2017
Leicester Comedy Festival
theatre festival
UK, 08 Feb 2017
Glasgow Comedy Festival
theatre festival
UK, 09 Mar 2017
Lets Rock Bristol
music festival
UK, 03 Jun 2017
Gottwood Festival
music festival
UK, 08 Jun 2017
Manchester International
culture festival
UK, 29 Jun 2017
Noisily Festival
music festival
UK, 07 Jul 2017
One Love Festival
music festival
UK, 01 Sep 2017

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