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Festivals in Indonesia

Ubud Writers Festival

Ubud, Indonesia
26 October 2016
  1. Ubud Writers Festival festival
  2. Ubud Writers Festival festival
  3. Ubud Writers Festival festival
Ubud Writers Festival is 4 days of words and ideas with workshops, book launches, films, music, dance, exhibitions, fringe events, youth program + food & culture in Ubud, on BaIi island in Indonesia.

Ultra Bali

Kuta, Indonesia
15 September 2017
  1. Ultra Bali festival
  2. Ultra Bali festival
  3. Ultra Bali festival
Ultra Bali: 2-day 10,000 Ultranaught-strong EDM-beach-party with bass heavy acts, big name DJs, palm trees, pools, surfing & luxury villas along Kuta beach on “the island of the gods”: Bali Indonesia.

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