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Theatre Festivals

Mime London

London, UK
09 January 2017
  1. Mime London festival
  2. Mime London festival
  3. Mime London festival
MIME London: 25 days of silent movement, circus-theatrics, illusions, puppetry & artistry; global mime troupes; world premieres; master air manipulators at the Barbican Centre & theatres in London UK.


New York City, USA
13 February 2017
  1. FRIGID Fringe festival
  2. FRIGID Fringe festival
  3. FRIGID Fringe festival
FRIDGID Fringe is 3 weeks of independent theatre & free artistic expression with 150 shows by 30+ companies where artists receive all proceeds at The Kraine Theater & Under St. Marks in New York City.

Auckland Arts Festival

Auckland, New Zealand
08 March 2017
  1. Auckland Arts Festival festival
  2. Auckland Arts Festival festival
  3. Auckland Arts Festival festival
Auckland Arts Festival is a 19-day masterful mélange of Maori & modern music, theatre, comedy, dance & circus with 300 acts by 1,000 artists for 180,000+ fans at Aotea Square in Auckland New Zealand.

Festival d’Avignon

Avignon, France
06 July 2017
  1. Festival d’Avignon festival
  2. Festival d’Avignon festival
  3. Festival d’Avignon festival
Festival d’Avignon is a 3-week arts gala with ‘In’ performances at the Cour d’Honneur - Palais des Papes and 20 other venues, plus free fringe ‘Off’ events at 100 sites around historic Avignon France.

Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh, UK
04 August 2017
  1. Edinburgh Fringe festival
  2. Edinburgh Fringe festival
  3. Edinburgh Fringe festival
Edinburgh Fringe is the world’s largest open access arts festival; 25 days of dramatic indulgence in theatre, comedy, circus, cabaret, dance, music & street performances throughout Edinburgh Scotland.
Festival Grec
theatre festival
Spain, 01 Jul 2015
Artes Escénicas
theatre festival
Uruguay, 04 Oct 2015
El Cervantino
theatre festival
Mexico, 07 Oct 2015
Festival de Otoño a Primavera
theatre festival
Spain, 15 Oct 2015
theatre festival
Poland, 07 Nov 2015
Festival Iberoamericano
theatre festival
Spain, 16 Nov 2015
SF Sketchfest
theatre festival
USA, 07 Jan 2016
theatre festival
New Zealand, 23 Jan 2016
Teatro Iberoamericano
theatre festival
Colombia, 11 Mar 2016
Festival MUTIS
theatre festival
Spain, 16 Mar 2016
Infecting the City
theatre festival
South Africa, 12 Apr 2016
theatre festival
Poland, 14 Apr 2016
New Zealand Comedy Festival
theatre festival
New Zealand, 24 Apr 2016
Machynlleth Comedy Festival
theatre festival
UK, 29 Apr 2016
Festival Cultural de Mayo
theatre festival
Mexico, 07 May 2016
theatre festival
Poland, 19 May 2016
26th Annual Comedy Festival
theatre festival
USA, 01 Jun 2016
Printemps des Comédiens
theatre festival
France, 03 Jun 2016
theatre festival
Poland, 17 Jun 2016
Teatro Clásico de Almagro
theatre festival
Spain, 07 Jul 2016
Just for Laughs
theatre festival
Canada, 13 Jul 2016
Festival Puccini
theatre festival
Italy, 15 Jul 2016
theatre festival
Ghana, 24 Jul 2016
Teatro Clásico de Mérida
theatre festival
Spain, 24 Jul 2016
Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów
theatre festival
Poland, 28 Jul 2016
Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival
theatre festival
Poland, 29 Jul 2016
Festival de Teatro de Manizales
theatre festival
Colombia, 04 Aug 2016
Edmonton Fringe
theatre festival
Canada, 11 Aug 2016
Tiger Dublin Fringe
theatre festival
Ireland, 10 Sep 2016
Hoboken Comedy Festival
theatre festival
USA, 26 Sep 2016
Hell Yes Fest
theatre festival
USA, 07 Oct 2016
Hong Kong Comedy Festival
theatre festival
China, 13 Oct 2016
Festival Estudiantil de Teatro
theatre festival
Colombia, 24 Oct 2016
New York Comedy Festival
theatre festival
USA, 01 Nov 2016
Autores Contemporáneos
theatre festival
Spain, 06 Nov 2016
Leicester Comedy Festival
theatre festival
UK, 08 Feb 2017
Glasgow Comedy Festival
theatre festival
UK, 09 Mar 2017
Orlando Fringe
theatre festival
USA, 17 May 2017
Oerol Festival
theatre festival
Netherlands, 09 Jun 2017

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