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Burning Man Black Rock Desert, USA - 27 August 2017


Getting There

Getting There

nearest bus station:
Reno Greyhound Bus Station - 155 Stevenson Street

shuttle bus:
Burner Express (from San Francisco & Reno to BRC)

special festival bus:
Daily Shuttle from Gerlach and Empire to BRC.

nearest airport:
Reno-Tahoe (RNO)

nearest train station:
Reno Amtrak Station (RNO) - 280 N Center Street

Black Rock City

  • Burning Man is in the middle of nowhere at Black Rock City.
  • Black Rock City (BRC) is a provisionally erected metropolis.
  • It’s on a dry lake called The Playa in the Black Rock Nevada Desert.

Nearest Towns

  • Gerlach about 30 km from BRC
  • Empire  about 38 km from BRC
  • In the tiny town of Empire, there’s a shop: Empire General Store.

From Reno

  • The nearest airport to Black Rock Desert is the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.
  • Reno is 200 km from BRC - about a 3.5 hour drive. 
  • Reno Amtrak Station & Reno Greyhound Bus Station are the nearest terminals.
  • There are no trains/buses between Reno and Black Rock City or anywhere nearby.
  • Burning Man has basic shuttle services from San Francisco and Reno to BRC.
  • There’s a daily shuttle between BRC and the nearest towns: Gerlach and Empire.

From San Francisco

  • Travellers may fly to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).
  • San Francisco is 570 km from BRC (about a 7 hour drive). 

BRC Airstrip

Burning Man Travel Options

Note: organizers encourage participants to make getting to BRC part of the Burning Man experience.



Camping included, Low-income tickets
change currency
Prices in the table are quoted in USD
Adult390Burning Man tickets include camping. Registration is required.
Youth390Youths 13+ pay full price and must register.
Low-income ticket190Limited number for qualified applicants.
Child0Under 12 must register and be with a parent/guardian.
Burning Man Tickets
Burning Man Registration
  • To buy tickets, or participate in any way, Burners must Register.
Burning Man Low Income Tickets
Ticket FAQ

Burning Man

Burning Man

Burning Man icon

Black Rock Desert, USA

The Playa
type of festival
psychodelic, rituals & traditions, beach party, for kids
other events
music: electronic, ambient & downtempo, blues, jazz, pop, latin, rock, metal, folk, country, indie & underground, edm / drum & bass / dubstep, techno / house / garage, avant-garde & experimental, trance & psychedelic, hip-hop & rap, reggae & dub, r&b / soul / funk, rock & roll, acoustic & instrumental; dance: dancing; art: creative, visual arts & installations; theatre: street performance, circus & acrobatics, experimental
start Sun, 27 August 2017
end Mon, 04 September 2017

Burning Man: Life Altering Experience

Burning Man is YOU. And 60,000 other YOUs who, at the end of August / start of September, take their creativity, technology & fantastic absurdities to The Playa, a dry lake in the Nevada desert, and occupy the annually erected metropolis called Black Rock City (BRC) 200 km from Reno. It’s 7 days of non-stop, madcap, participant-generated events, colossal-bizarre art, improvised music/theatre/comedy and uninhibited revelry + nudity, amidst a spirit of self-expression and tribal-like camaraderie. Burning Man Festival is one of the most extraordinary event-experiences on the planet! No sponsors. No headline acts. It’s radical self-reliance & hands-on involvement in a gift-giving community founded on Larry Harvey’s 10 principles of Burning Man.


Burning Man: Life Altering Experience

Burning Man Festival is 7 intense, sweltering-hot, freezing-cold, calm-windy, wet-muddy, dry-dusty days of uninhibited creative liberty, unreserved self-expression, radical self-reliance (without money) and extreme partying for over 60,000 burners who seek a life-altering experience. Burning man is one of the planet’s most ingeniously bizarre participant-produced events (without commerce/sponsors) on an otherwise uninhabited dried-up lake (The Playa) in the Nevada dessert (3.5 hrs. from Reno) where a utopian, phantasmagoric, gargantuan metropolis called Black Rock City (BRC) appears for a single week at the end of August…then vanishes without a trace.

The Man, The Temple, Themes & Costumes

At the heart of Black Rock City is The Man, a giant effigy that’s burnt, and The Temple, which also goes up in flames. But Burning Man events are spread throughout the desert in participant-organized art exhibits, music performances and high-tech, whimsical and absurd acts. There’s space for self-reflection & debauchery on The Playa’s more than 8 kilometers of sand; a blanc canvas to celebrate, create, innovate and introspect in an uninhibited atmosphere of camaraderie. Each year the organizers propose a theme, from heavenly-extraterrestrial to hellish-human. In keeping with these themes, burners design Burning Man costumes, some as simple as bare skin & paint, others as sophisticated as full-feathered winged creatures.

Burning Man is more than a festival, it’s a life altering experience!

contributor: Festinga
published: 17 June 2015
updated: 17 October 2016
Age: Family, an event with no age restrictions, but things can get rather wild!
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General: biggest in the world, popular, best in the world
Ambiance: outdoor, rural, desert
Features: bizzare, self-expression, rituals, debauchery, partying, adventure, survival, self-discovery, live music & shows, ideas & technology

What Burning Man is NOT

  • It’s NOT about being a spectator.
  • Not about being a ‘star’ or an observer.
  • There are no celebrity line-ups on sponsored stages.
  • No green fields with boutique campsites.
  • There are no urban comforts and money is useless.
  • Black Rock City isn’t a real city.
  • BRC is a pop-up metropolis on a dry patch of earth.

What is the Burning Man Festival about?

To explain why more than 60,000 diehard attendees go through great pains to reach the middle of nowhere to participate in an anti-capitalist gathering, and to describe the allure that draws them to a burning man, and to create giant art installations and elaborate sound camps and stage productions, and to seek life-transforming experiences, it’s necessary to know the Burning Man principles.

Burning Man Principles

  1. Radical INCLUSION: everyone’s welcome, no prerequisites.
  2. Immediacy of EXPERIENCE: overcome barriers & participate.
  3. Radical SELF-EXPRESSION: creative freedom & content autonomy.
  4. Personal PARTICIPATION: through doing not observing.
  5. COMMUNAL Effort: networking & artistic collaboration.
  6. Unconditional GIFTING: give without need of reciprocation.
  7. DECOMMODIFICATION: sustainable consumption & commerce free.
  8. Radical SELF-RELIANCE: inner discovery & outer autonomy.
  9. RESPONSIBILITY: public welfare, laws & the environment.
  10. Leaving NO TRACE after the event.

Burning Man is...

  • Inner discovery
  • Experience & expression
  • Participation & Collaboration. 

YOU are the Act!

It’s a place where you create the entertainment. It’s an ongoing cultural experiment that’s lead to a movement with supporters on five continents. Cultish as this sounds, the Burning Man 10 principles are just simple ideas that imbue men & women with a spirit of rebirth after a Burning Man journey.

The Burning Man Man

Yes, there’s a burning man man: a giant effigy 12+ meters tall, situated at the centre of Black Rock City that’s consumed in a spectacular inferno, one of the most dramatic final nights of the festival. It’s also when The Temple, an elaborate architectural masterpiece with names like ‘Temple of the Mind’ or ‘Basura Sagrada’, is set ablaze.

Jack Rabbit Speaks

Discover upcoming themes, projects, art instalations & Burning Man community year-round events by subscribing to the Burning Man Newsletter: Jack Rabbit Speaks (JRS).


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Beds & Eats


Burning Man Camping

There are no campsites as per say, but instead The Playa is divided into plots where tents and creative living structures can be erected, where your car can be parked, and RVs, Campervans, Caravans can be set-up (on the condition that they remain absolutely stationary for the entire week), without water, electricity, sewage disposal or a single onsite service or amenity (apart from portable toilets). The plots are arranged in a semi circle, divided by roads, in an expanding radius out from The Man and Centre Camp, which is the heart of Burning Man and where Centre Camp Café is situated.

  • Camping plots cannot be reserved. They are assigned upon arrival.
  • Building your shelter is a huge challenge in a desert with extremely harsh and unpredictable weather where sweltering heat, freezing cold and ferocious sandstorms are the norm!
  • Everything you need to survive must be brought with you, including basic essential like water, food and first aid.
  • For info on bringing Recreational Vehicles onto The Playa read about Playa Living with Rvs.
  • There are no electrical outlets, no running water, no sewage, no onsite comforts of any kind and NOTHING for sale (except ice).
Burning Man Map

Since The Playa is immense, and Theme Camps and participant events are spread throughout almost 9 km of desert, it’s essential to have an official BRC Burning Man Map.

Survival at Burning Man

Going to Burning Man and setting up camp is no small task or something to be undertaken by the faint-hearted. It requires a extensive planning and effort to prepare in advance. The information a burner requires to make the Burning Man experience possible is massive. The official Burning Man Website offers extensive info including:

Theme Camps & Villages


Eats & Drinks: no
Fresh & Clean: no
Cash & Shops: no
Zone In & Out: no
Accessibility: no
ONE Amenity

There’s only ONE amenity at Burning Man: Porta-potties.

Two things for Sale

There are only TWO items for sale in Black Rock City:

  • Ice
  • Coffee

Aside from the above, there are no amenities, no services, no shops, nothing for sale, not even water, so you must bring absolutely everything that’s essential for survival. And everything to express your creativity + gifts for friends yet unknown.

  • Bring EVERYTHING you need.
  • TAKE AWAY everything you bring.



start Sun, 27 August 2017
end Mon, 04 September 2017
Burning Man Dates

The Burning Man Festival is held annually during the last week of August and first day(s) of September.

Burning The Man

The culminating event involves burning The Man (which during six days is the iconic effigy at the centre of the semi-circle Black Rock City encampment), as well as burning The Temple and various other structures and temporary art installations. This fiery extravaganza takes place on the semifinal day of the festival, usually a Sunday, so that the last day allows burners to gather their belongings and depart without a trace.

Missed Burning Man?

The Burning Man Nevada desert festival is one of the most bizarre culture and music festivals on the planet, and for many burners it has had life-altering consequences. But, if you can’t make it to this year’s Nevada desert Bacchanal, or if Burning Man tickets are sold out, get in touch with Burning Man regional Burners who organize year-round events (especially in the San Francisco area). These events keep with the Burning Man festival spirit, and perhaps one of them could tide you over until next year. Check Burning Man Black Rock City Network for Year-Round Special Events.

While there are many excellent festivals patterned after the basic principles of Burning Man and Black Rock City, such events should be enjoyed for what they are and not as an alternative.

Season & Weather

Season: Summer
Temperature: 12 to 33 °C

Burning Man Festival weather is very unpredictable. Temperatures range from freezing cold to burning hot, and conditions from dry and dusty to wet and muddy. Black Rock Desert daytime highs can reach close to 40°C and lows can be near freezing. Normally the area is calm and breezeless, but desert sandstorms can bring 65 - 112 km/hr. winds. Prepare for scorching sun, extreme heat, dryness, dust, windstorms, rain, mud and freezing cold nights.



Tel: + 415 TO FLAME, + 415 863 5263, + 415 865 3800, + 775 557 2200
Contact Burning Man
  • Email: questions@burningman.com
  • Get the scoop on participating as an independent performer, in Theme Camps, at Center Camp Café, with the Fire Conclave, as a Lamp Lighter, with the Ambient Drummers, or to connect with artists seeking stages and stages seeking acts at Burning Man Art and Performance.


  • Black Rock City LLC: 510 West Plumb Lane, Ste. A, Reno, Nevada 89509, USA
  • Burning Man Gerlach Office: 390 Main Street, Gerlach-Empire, Nevada 89412, USA
  • Organizers: Larry Harvey, Harley Dubois, Nanci Elliott, Marian Goodell, Michael Mikel, Will Roger Peterson: 660 Alabama Street, San Francisco, California 94110, USA
burning man handler