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Photos by: J. Perez, m. bouchard, E. McClendon, whittlz, J. Kelly (Creative Commons)
Bonnaroo Manchester, USA - 08 June 2017


Getting There

Getting There

nearest bus station:
Manchester Greyhound Station - Woodbury Hwy.

shuttle bus:
Bonnaroo Airport Shuttle

special festival bus:
Nashville – Bonnaroo Bus

nearest airport:
Nashville (BNA)



Camping included, VIP options, Payment plan
change currency
Prices in the table are quoted in USD
4-day pass16002 VIP tickets. Includes camping, Main Stage, Courtyard & Centeroo lounge, viewing/seating, VIP showers/WC.
4-day pass350General Admission. Camping included. Car camping extra.
Child350Children 6+ pay full price.



Bonnaroo icon

Manchester, USA

Great Stage Park
35.474943, -86.051915
type of festival
jazz, pop, rock, metal, folk, country, world, edm / drum & bass / dubstep, hip-hop & rap, reggae & dub, r&b / soul / funk, acoustic & instrumental, americana roots, bluegrass
other events
dance: dancing; art: creative, visual arts & installations, multimedia, painting; theatre: comedy & cabaret; culture: exhibitions, world-class multigenre, arts & crafts
start Thu, 08 June 2017
end Sun, 11 June 2017

Bonnaroo: Farm Fest + All-Night Bass

Bonnaroo is the ultimate 4-day Woodstock-inspired American camping fest with a rock-n-roll-tie-dye vibe that began in 2002 with root-folk-jams and evolved into a mega-multi-genre bash with stars like Paul McCartney, Metallica, Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and The Grateful Dead. It’s kept a rooty air with Superjams of 20+ artists in semi-improv all-night jams, chill spots in The Grove, art in nooks at Centeroo, fancy-dress parades, fountain + splash-a-roo, while also trending with interactive labs at The Academy, global speakers at Solar Stage, Bass Camp studios, late-night Kalliope electro-bass-light-shows, comedy acts like Mike Birbiglia, 24h film screening & silent discos at a farm 100 km from Nashville in Manchester Tennessee.


Bonnaroo: Farm Fest + All-Night Bass

Bonnaroo music and arts festival is a freewheeling throwback to the original love-ins of the late 60s/early 70s, like Monterely & Atlanta International Pop Music Festivals and the legendary Woodstock; it has been named one of the “50 moments that changed rock & roll” by Rolling Stone and one of the 10 Best Festivals by GQ, superseding its forbears for a new legendary status!

Jam Bands, Folk & Paul McCartney 

Starting out with jam bands and folk and moving onto becoming the host of some serious names, yet always remaining true to its routes, previous acts include: Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, The White Stripes, Neil Young, Wilco, Bon Iver, James Brown, Willie Nelson, Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, The Strokes, The Police, Arcade Fire and Billy Joel.

Fountian & Crafty Campers

Craftsmen and artisans turnout in droves to flog their unique products, but for those fans who are feeling inspired, or want a little more inspiration, there is The Grind (a barn with DIY kits for getting crafty); yoga and giant checkers to get the juices flowing; The Fountain (design and created each year by different vibrant artists); The Academy (interactive art experiences, theatre, percussion, instrument building and gardening) along with general entertainment like a waterslide, cinema & comedy theatre.

Clean, Green Planet Roo

Such an event would be nothing without a bit of climate change awareness, and the Roos take it to the next level, with Planet Roo providing fun classes to learn, create and develop, spreading knowledge and hosting 25 non-profit organisations; pre-purchased water bottles for free refills and beer bottles for reduced refills and the Learning Garden to help fans develop their green thumbs.

Bonnaroo is a 60s love-in + fountain, fancy-dress & Planet Roo for Bonnaroovians!

contributor: Ashley Lampard
published: 21 March 2016
updated: 24 August 2016
Age: Family, an event with no age restrictions, but things can get rather wild!
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General: award-winning, biggest in the world, popular, best in the world
Ambiance: outdoor, rural
Features: djs & sound systems, self-expression, debauchery, partying, self-discovery, live music & shows


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Beds & Eats



Eats & Drinks: Bars, Restaurants, Food Stalls, Water
Fresh & Clean: Toilets, Shower
Cash & Shops: Cash, Shops
Zone In & Out: Wi-Fi Zone, VIP Zone, Kids Zone, Chill Zone
Accessibility: yes



start Thu, 08 June 2017
end Sun, 11 June 2017
Bonnaroo Dates
  • Bonnaroo takes place early to mid-July.
  • It’s spread over 4 days.
  • It’s been going strong since 2002.


Season & Weather

Season: Summer
Temperature: 17 to 29 °C

Manchester Tennessee weather in June is hot & sunny with warm daytime highs and cooler evenings. The region is prone to summer thunder showers. Prepare with tent tarps, rain coats, and waterproof footwear.



Tel: +800 594 8499


Superfly Productions LLC: 25 E. 21st St., 10 Fl. New York, USA.

AC Entertainment: 507 S. Gay St. Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

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