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We curate the world’s largest festival database filled with juicy details & nitty-gritty fest-facts
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what, where, when & how: all the facts needed to attend festivals in the real world
featured festival placement: unique content designed to promote complex events
promotion for artists, sponsors & related festival support services by sector

an ideal platform for contextual ads & in-text campaigns targeted directly to festival-goers
over 50 million in the US & UK alone, and global attendance estimated at over 100 million
platform for reviewers, journalists, bloggers, photographers & videographers

Festinga People

World-travelled festival-lovers scour the planet for the biggest, smallest, oldest, newest, bizarrest, hottest, coolest, silliest, weirdest, obscurest, most debauched, thought-provoking, avant-garde, traditional, comic, serious, chaotic, exotic and funnest fests on earth, then squiggle & scrawl snappy snippets and fact-filled features so fans can focus on fun.
Nena Argent

Festival curator & content developer.
Multilingual globetrotter, cultural journalist, entrepreneur, curious agnostic, creative brainstormer & merengue dancer.
Festival highlights: getting tipsy on millet wine (and discovering it’s not really wine) with the tribal chief at the Rukai Harvest Festival in Wutai, rowing on the Ganges amidst floating flower petals & blazing goddess effigies during Durga Puja in Varanasi, imbibing rice wine (again not wine) surrounded by barrels of burning money, giant stuffed pig heads, Taoist-Buddhist chants & mobile striptease shows during Hungry Ghost Festival near Taipei, and helping to set Satan alight at a pre-Christmas Burning the Devil ritual in Antigua.

Motto: “Be thankful that you have a life, and forsake your vain and presumptuous desire for a second one.”— Richard Dawkins

Jakub Kalinski

Web developer & artistic director.
Festival highlights thus far: science festivals in Warsaw, uncounted film marathons, anticlimactic water soaking during Songkran in Chiang Mai.

Motto: “Sex is the most fun one can have without laughing.”— Woody Allen
Festinga HQ
Casa Festinga is on the Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain.

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